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What Does It Look Like to Radically Flourish on the Planet?

Join Visionaries, Pioneers, and Changemakers Building A Planet of Radical Flourishing

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Nick Hedlund, Ph.D.
Founding Director of Eudaimonia Institute

Nick Hedlund, PhD, is a visionary philosopher working at the nexus of philosophy of science, worldviews, and socioecological transformation. He received his PhD from University College London, studying under the philosopher Roy Bhaskar. Nicholas also holds a master’s degree in philosophy & religion, as well as one in integral psychology.  He is co-editor of Metatheory for the Twenty-First Century: Critical Realism and Integral Theory in Dialogue and Big Picture Perspectives for Planetary Flourishing: Metatheory for the Anthropocence, Vol I. Currently, he teaches in the Integral Noetic Sciences Program at the California Institute for Human Science. His work aims to help address the root causes of the metacrisis by articulating new possibilities for sensemaking and meaning-making that can be applied and embodied to transform the world.

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